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We at A.R.E. can offer a range of services to wire your acquisition / engine management system and although we have our preferred brands we will still wire and install most systems to your specific requirements. If you have any questions about the services provided by ARE or would like more information please contact ARE



 Custom made wiring looms-prototypes, individual constructions, low volume runs


 Data Acquisition Systems


 Authorised dealer for AIMSPORTSYSTEMS-loggers and instrumentation for karts to supercars, including accessories such as LSU LAMBDA MODULES (analogue or can bus),


 GPS MODULES-track mapping / ground speed reference


 Manufacturing of a range of pre-terminated harnesses / custom sensors and mounting hardware solutions for the installation of aim data acquisition systems


 Wiring of engine management systems


 Fuel injector flow testing / cleaning


 HID LIGHTING SYSTEMS-conversions / stand alone lamps


 DEKA BATTERIES for motorsport


 Wiring consumables / light-weight and specialist wire for motorsport


 Electric fuel pumps-hi / low volume, surge tanks


 EFI sensors / accessories


 Trackside support


 Distributor for Racesmart jetting software and weather stations



WARRANTY-All products supplied shall carry the manufactures warranty if fitted and used within their guidelines. Race vehicles and race accessories† generally do not come with any warranty due to the extremes that motorsport imposes on said items. Warranty on race vehicles / race accessories is solely at the discretion of Antonís Race Electrics. Warranty is back to base and additional costs such as towing , storage , accommodation and third party costs are to be

incurred by the customer.


HID LIGHTING DISCLAIMER- HID light systems are recommended for off-road and motorsport use only as they are not ADR approved and should not be used on public roads unless appropriately certified