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management and data acquisition systems.vital power and information to accessories, engine management and data acquisition systems.


Whether the vehicle is a historic race car or a modern vehicle packed with the latest in acquisition systems and engine management systems ARE are able to help. At ARE we set ourselves apart from the average tradesperson that wires vehicles because we take the time to design the electrical system and implement single circuit redundancy systems, we also ensure the high level detail that is required.


Generally a considerable amount of detail is placed on the engine/drive train to optimize engine power and chassis dynamics, but sadly the electrical system is left as an afterthought. Most race vehicles problems are electrical. Without high quality workmanship many teams spend a race weekend trying to track down an electrical gremlin, or trying to rectify an inoperative accessory that is crucial to the vehicles operation.


At ARE we implement single circuit redundancy in our design of a vehicles electrical circuit. This means that circuits that are critical to the operation of the vehicle have their own power supply and are individually protected. For example ignition system supply only powers the ignition system and does not feed secondary circuits like instruments or wipers etc. So if there is a problem in the instrument circuit it will not trip the ignition breaker and the vehicle will still finish the race. We adapt this across all critical circuits.


Too many times we have seen a fault in a secondary circuit result in a D.N.F., at ARE this is unacceptable.


At ARE we work to a standard. When employing our services or product you are buying a level of support that generally you will not get from other retailers, bear this in mind when pricing a product or a job. A sign that hangs in a race engineers shop was sighted and I believe it stands true. It stated ďThe bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of successĒ.


Happy racing.


Anton Willis.


Antonís Race Electrics.


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Anton's Race Electrics was formed in 2001 to service the growing needs of the racer who requires specialist knowledge, the latest technology and professional methods of installation.


At A.R.E we understand the huge stresses that motorsport places on the dynamics of a race vehicle including the strain placed on wiring. In any race vehicle the wiring is crucial it provides vital power and information to accessories, engine management