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Displacement sensors


Brake potentiometer



Steering angle potentiometer



Suspension potentiometer



Throttle potentiometer

Inertial sensors


External accelerometer




Lap sensors


Magnetic lap receiver



Optic lap receiver



Optic lap transmitter



DaVid Standalone



DaVid data video


Evo3 Pro

Evo3 Pro harness


MXL Family







MXL PISTA wiring



MXL PRO 5 wiring



MXL PRO wiring


MyChron 3 Auto Family

MyChron 3 Plus/Gold (car)



MyChron 3 Plus/Gold (bike)



MyChron XG log


MyChron 3 Kart Family

MyChron 3 basic 2 temperatures



MyChron 3 basic



MyChron 3 Plus/Gold



MyChron 3 Plus/Gold Extreme


MyChron 2

MyChron 2 user guide


MyChron for drag racing

MyChron 3 660


TG lap timer

MyChron light 3 TG


LG log

MyChron light TG log


DaVid stand alone

DaVid Standalone


ECU connections and aim

Supported ECUís


Gear calculation

Gear calculation proceeding



GPS module manual



Lambda controller manual


MultiChron new

MultiChron manual


MultiChron old

MultiChron manual


MXL Strada

MXL Strada manual


Mychron 3 drag

MyChron 3 manual


Mychron 3 kart

MyChron 3 manual


Mychron 3 + glod/bike & auto

MyChron 3 manual


Mychron 4 kart

MyChron 4 manual



Expansion box manual


TG lap timer

Light analyzer manual



TG lap timer manual



RPM clip (kart)

Mount templates


Light TG template



MXL PISTA Strada template



MXL Pro 8inch template



My3PG template



My3Visor template



My3XG dash template

Plug and play bikes


Kawasaki ZX6R-RR (03,04,05)



Kawasaki ZX10R-101



Suzuki GSXRK4


MyChron 3

Honda CBR-RR



Kawasaki ZX6R-RR (03,04,05)



Kawasaki ZX10R-101



Suzuki GSXRK4



Suzuki GSX



Yamaha R1R6

Pressure sensors


Air box pressure sensor



0-100 BAR brake pressure sensor



Pressure 100 PSI



VDO pressure sensor

Technical tips and software hints


AIM USB and driver software installation



Migrating Race Studio 2 files



Race Studio 2 manual

Temperature sensors


Cylinder head thermocouple



Exhaust gas thermocouple



Water thermocouple (M10 thread)



Water thermocouple (M5 thread)



Cylinder head thermoresistor



Cylinder head thermoresistor (M10)